FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 21, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 21, 2014

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center announced yesterday that it welcomed President Obama’s Executive Order which will provide deportation relief for many undocumented immigrants in the U.S. The action will provide benefits to parents of U.S. citizen and permanent resident children and protections for others with long standing ties to the United States.

Brian O’Dwyer, Esq., EIIC Chairman stated “Thanks to the President’s Order now ‘The Irish Can Apply.’ Our work is just beginning. We look forward to continuing to provide comprehensive and solid advice to immigrants in need, especially with this much needed and important program.”

The President’s Executive Order has the potential to provide immigration relief to many Irish constituents in the U.S. and is a welcome change from the many previous failed efforts to fix our broken immigration system. Stated EIIC Executive Director, Siobhan Dennehy.

Lisa Johnston, Esq., EIIC Executive Board Member and an immigration attorney with over twenty years experience in the field added: “Eligibility under the President’s deferred action program extends to undocumented individuals who are living in the U.S. as of 11/20/14 and who are the parents of U.S. Citizens or greencard holders born on or before that date. Additionally, applicants must have continuous residence in the U.S. since 1/1/10 and must not have been convicted of certain crimes. It is imperative that applicants seek and receive sound legal advice over the coming months to prepare appropriately. Importantly, potential applicants should know that no applications are being accepted at present and all should be wary of scams and fraud. Your best course of action at this point is to ensure you seek reliable, trustworthy information and await forthcoming USCIS direction.”

People who may qualify are strongly advised not to travel. Frank Schorn, an immigration attorney and Vice Chair of Emerald Isle expressed concern that “even a brief departure from the U.S. in the next few months could destroy eligibility and increase the risk of deportation and removal”.

The plan as outlined by the President will not legalize the entire undocumented population but does allow for a broader use of discretion for those subject to removal or deportation.

To prepare for the formal application process those who are considering making an application should gather together all formal correspondence, financial records and proof of residence in the U.S.. Qualifying documents will likely include school and medical records, as well as utility records, bills, rent receipts and other legal documents.

“While this Executive action is not at all comprehensive or adequate, it is a very welcome interim solution to help address problems presented by our broken immigration system. We strongly encourage people to explore their eligibility with competent professionals, and take this opportunity to temporarily regularize their immigration status” stated Ms. Dennehy.

The EIIC Immigration Center will be staffing the public community information meetings being scheduled in conjunction with our CIIC community partners, Aisling Irish Community Center and New York Irish Center as follows:

Monday, December 1 at 6:00pm – The Emerald Isle Immigration Center in combination with the Aisling Irish Center at St. Barnabas High School Auditorium (H.S. Chapel). Entrance is located on corner of E. 241st Street, Woodlawn NY and McLean Avenue, Yonkers, NY.

Tuesday, December 2 at 6:00pm – Sunnyside Community Center, 4331 39th St, Sunnyside, NY, 11104

Wednesday, December 3 at 6:00pm – St Sebastian Parish Center, 39-60 57th St, Woodside, NY, 11377 (Bilingual Attorney Kelly Becker-Smith will be hosting the December 3 event)

Please check our website for additional updates at

The EIIC is an active member of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers, for further information about Irish centers in the US providing assistance outside of the New York consular region please call Aileen Dibra, National CIIC Coordinator at 914-837-2007 or refer to their website at www.ciic.usa-org

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