Immigration Executive Orders and Community Advice

March 2,2017
U.S. Immigration Policy & Enforcement
Executive Orders & Community Advice
The Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC), with support from the Embassy of Ireland, Washington, DC, crafted documents to provide analysis of President Trump’s Executive Orders, as well as subsequent directives regarding immigration enforcement and their current or potential impact on the Irish immigrant community residing in the United States to date.

There are two separate documents that are also available in a combined format upon request.

* CIIC Advice for the Irish Community:

Serves as a public information and preparedness piece for the Irish community at large, to be shared widely and publicly.
Serves  to provide in-depth analysis and background information on both administrative Executive Orders to date, as well as memos and announcement regarding enforcement, focused on impact on the Irish immigrant community in the U.S.
CIIC will continue to release this type of information as updated and/or new information is released by the new administration.
Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers
CIIC is funded through a generous grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade’s Emigrant Support Programme
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