Staff Directory


Almonte, Aida – Queens Bilingual Receptionist
Anderson, Orion – ESL/Citizenship Instructor
Baber, Liz – ESL / Citizenship Coordinator
Becker-Smith, Kelly – Immigration Attorney USCIS (Bilingual)
Boyle, Sandra – Finance Department/Accounts Receivables (Consultant)
Breheny, Ethel- Part Time Bronx Receptionist
Bustmante, Carolina – ESL Class Assistant
Dennehy, Siobhan – Executive Director
Escurra, Milagros – Office administration, A/C Payable
Feeney, Deirdre – Queens Receptionist/Client Services (Consultant)
Grajeda, Juan – Bilingual Program Manager
Grebe, David – Grant Writing/Development (Consultant)
Josie Guaman – Queens Legal Intern
Katis, Renee – Social Service Assistant
Kelly, Zachari – Teacher/ESL
Kerins, Maire – Immigration Counselor
Khatana, Eva – ESL/Citizenship Instructor
Korman, Louis – Office Assistant/Client Facilitator-Bronx Office
McGovern, Lisa – Bronx Office Manager
Murphy, Sally – Part Time Queens Receptionist
Neil C. Giannelli – Teacher/ESL
O’Brien, Laura – Psychotherapist (Consultant)
Rose, Carmel – Immigration Counselor
Stahl, John – Director of Legal Services


The time, dedication and effort donated to us by our volunteers is literally priceless and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us out by donating their time.

We are extremely grateful to all our volunteers for their help!