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The United States is a country with a proud history and a long tradition of immigration. Though recent years have seen increasingly rigorous immigration laws and regulations come into effect, the EIIC is here to assist with any immigration query you may have.

Our U.S. Immigration section provides information on a wealth of subjects relating to US immigration procedure and legislation, from material on biometric regulations and the Visa Waiver Program to advice on Green Card applications and the US Citizenship Exam. Your US immigration query will find its answer here.

The EIIC is also proud to offer tips on relocation to Ireland. Whether you are an intending immigrant or a returning citizen, our Irish Immigration section aims to assist your transition. You will find links to the Citizens Information Bureau, Crosscare Migrant Project and the Safe Home Program.

Our DV Lottery section contains the latest information on this year’s United States Diversity Visa Lottery, as well as advice on applying for future rounds of the Lottery and a link to the system for online application.

Our FAQ section contains answers to the questions that we most commonly encounter, from citizens, Green Card holders, the undocumented, J1 students and tourists alike.

Explore the Immigration Information menu on the left to access the information most relevant to your situation.

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