Irish Immigration

The EIIC also offers assistance to anyone planning a move to Ireland, whether Irish citizens returning home, or otherwise.

Appointments should be made with one of our immigration counselors, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, you may wish to visit the websites of one of the following agencies, who specialize in issues relating to planned relocation to Ireland:

The Irish Citizens Information Board provides information on:

  • Coming to live in Ireland
  • Rights of residence in Ireland
  • Studying in Ireland
  • Working in Ireland
  • Introduction to the Irish System

Crosscare Migrant Project (formerly Emigrant Advice) is an information, advocacy and referral organization for migrants in vulnerable situations. It is a project of Crosscare, the Social Care Agency of the Dublin Archdiocese. Crosscare Migrant Project provides its service to intending, existing and returning Irish emigrants, as well as immigrants and members of new communities in Ireland.