U.S. Immigration

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center’s highly qualified staff assists clients in many aspects of immigration life and law.

EIIC will provide you with essential information on the procedures for most immigration matters; such as re-entry permits, lost or replacement green cards, all visa types, etc. EIIC also offers a citizenship program, by appointment, where you can be assisted withthe application forms. The EIIC also has one attorney on staff for individual consultations.


EIIC has helped thousands of immigrants become U.S. citizens. The EIIC strongly urges those eligible to pursue citizenship and play an active role in American life.

Citizenship Guide


Free Citizenship Classes

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center (EIIC) has a long history of helping new immigrants assimilate into their new communities while learning about the culture and history of the United States. Through USCIS’ Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program, EIIC continues to teach lawful permanent residents about what it means to live and thrive in the United States today and the importance of understanding the country’s history.

Class schedule: Mondays & Thursdays |7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Study U.S. history and civics, practice reading, writing and improve your English skills for the citizenship interview




For more information please visit www.eiic.us

Class Objectives

  • Learn About the United States government and History
  • Help students become more proficient in intermediate conversational English in order to prepare them for the Naturalization Interview
  • Provide students with listening and word recognition skills
  • Provide students with intermediate vocabulary and useful sentences
  • Give students the opportunity to practice written and spoken English
  • Learn about the rights and responsibilities of a U.S. citizen

Attendance policy

  • After 6 unexcused classes absences you will be removed from the program.