We have expanded our helping role in the community in response to the great need for people to have a trained and sympathetic ear to listen to their stories in a confidential and safe setting.

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center is now offering:

Psychotherapy with a NYS Licenced Clinical Social Worker Telephonically.

All sessions are by appointment

Ask yourself, do you or anyone you know:
Feel down, anxious or overwhelmed?
Are you confused about where to call “home”?
Sometimes feel like you need to cut down on your drinking or drug use?
Feel the need to lie to cover up a problem at home?
Are you dealing with a DWI or other legal issue?

If you have responded yes to one or more of the above questions contact or come to the EIIC during our drop in hours to see how we can help. Our trained listener can be the 1st step in taking care of your emotional health needs. Experienced listeners can often direct people to the help they need and be a source of new information about a problem you may be burdened by.

Laura O’Brien

Laura O’Brien is a licensed clinical social worker who has been in the field for thirty years. She works primarily with an adult population. Laura’s background is in psychiatric social work and she has been the psychotherapist at the EIIC for sixteen years. She also had a private practice in Manhattan for ten years and currently has a practice in New City NY in Rockland County.

Laura is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Social Work and has had additional training from Crisis Care Network. She has an extensive Employee Assistance background as well and does on site crisis oriented work in the workplace. Clients have included: NBC, Citibank, Trader Joes and most significantly Pepsico. Laura worked directly on site with Pepsico following the Newtown Shootings in Connecticut and worked with members of the Sandy Hook community that worked at Pepsico in Somers NY. She specializes in mood disorders and grief and loss.

Sessions are by appointment and can be made by calling the receptionist at either the Bronx or Queens Receptionist.