Seniors Only

EIIC Seniors Services

The EIIC has dedicated Social Services staff who work from both EIIC offices. In most cases an appointment will be necessary to see one of our Social Services team, so please plan ahead.

We are happy to provide basic information over the phone so if you have any inquiry or you are seeking assistance on benefits, entitlements or general insurance related questions, please call contact the main Bronx Office (718) 324-3039 ext. 108 and ask for Megan Macdonald, and for Queens please contact (718) 478-5502 ext. 217 and ask for Charlote Geilman.

Specialized Seniors Programs and Assistance Including:

  • Benefits Analysis
  • Computer Classes
  • Knitting Group
  • HEAP
  • Immigration
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • NYC Senior Housing
  • Passports
  • Pension/Social Security
  • SafeHome Program

Bilateral Social Security agreement between US & Ireland

Please ask us to help you get your pension and benefits from Ireland. We have been able to help many Seniors to secure their entitlements from the Irish Government under the Bilateral Social Security Agreement. Don’t miss out on anything you may be entitled to either from the US or Irish Government- ring us up, call in and visit – we will be glad to help and fill in all the paperwork with you. For instance if you worked in Ireland prior to 1955 you may be entitled to claim a pension or other

The Safe Home Program: Are you a Senior thinking of returning to Ireland?

The Safe Home Program is a repatriation program for Irish Emigrants and has been designated by the Irish Government as the National repatriation Program. By lobbying local Authorities a small percentage of housing is available to Irish Seniors looking to move back to Ireland and who may lack the economic resources to do so. Most of the seniors who have participated in the program have relocated from the UK, but there has been some participation from the US. The St. Brendan’s Village project in Mulranny, Co. Mayo is one of the more well known examples of the program. Please contact us here in the center for more information.

Medicare Questions

Our Seniors counselor is more than happy to explain the medicare bill and its effects for Seniors to you. We can also arrange group seminars and Question & Answer sessions about topics affecting the seniors population.

Computer Open-House /Education

We have just refurbished our computer room with nine new Dell Desktop computers equipped to the highest standard of hardware and software requirements. The computer room is available during our regular office hours for public use. Come and look around or sit in on a class to see if you would like to learn more – you will be very welcome.

We have offered a full range of computer courses suitable for beginners, seniors adults and specialized courses for job seekers including QuickBooks, Excel, Word and Internet skills. We run special classes paced especially for Senior’s.