Emerald Isle Immigration Center’s Official Statement on the Elimination of DACA

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center is deeply disappointed and morally disturbed at the Administration’s decision to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

On every level, the DACA program has been an additive and positive opportunity. The young people granted temporary status have been able to continue their education, set up businesses, and further establish and grow their families.

Communities where the “DREAMERs” live, work and study are made stronger and richer by the contribution of these long-established young people.

We call on Congress to enact positive comprehensive immigration reform that allows dynamic, rooted, educated immigrants like the 800,000 DACA registrants to be allowed to permanently integrate into our society and become legally and permanently part of our national mosaic.

We encourage all affected DACA registrants to NOT panic or make rash or hasty life-decisions, especially in this uncertain time with incomplete information.

Emerald Isle will continue to help advise DACA registrants and other undocumented and documented people about their immigration rights.

For assistance, please call (718) 478-5502 to arrange a confidential conference with our trained staff.

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