About EIIC

Mission statement:

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center (EIIC) is a not for profit entity created to exercise and protect the privileges and interests of the community; to foster a healthy interest in the civic affairs of the community, to help immigrants acquire US citizenship, and to inquire into civic abuses and seek reformation thereof.

Government of Ireland Funding

EIIC acknowledges the annual support from the Government of Ireland in the form a grant through the Emigrant Support Program (ESP) administered by the Irish Abroad Unit of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with the Consulate General of Ireland in New York.

Immigration Information

EIIC immigration services will provide you with essential information on the procedures for most immigration matters; such as re-entry permits, lost or replacement green cards, all visa types and more.

EIIC also offers a citizenship program, by appointment, where you can be assisted with the application forms.

EIIC has helped thousands of immigrants become U.S. citizens. The EIIC strongly urges those eligible to pursue citizenship and play an active role in American life. The EIIC also has an attorney on staff for individual consultations.
Immigration Information

Social Services

EIIC provides a variety of social services such as current rules on drivers licenses and health care information.

EIIC’s dedicated seniors counselor can provide assistance with a range of questions to anyone who is 60+. Senior programs and activities are being expanded, contact the Seniors Coordinator for more details.

EIIC’s mental health program includes individual counseling and referrals for depression, relationship issues and all forms of substance abuse. Drop in therapy hours are available in the Bronx and Queens office with a licensed clinical social worker.
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Education & Employment

EIIC encourages immigrants to take advantage of college opportunities in the United States. The Center has been highly instrumental in creating a culture of further studies among recent immigrants. EIIC has hosted numerous education seminars over the years, with the help of the American Irish Teachers Association. Our Seminars successfully bring together many prospective immigrant students and committed volunteers in the community.

EIIC has a free employment service available to all, and through our employment referrals we have successfully helped hundreds of job seekers. The Center will help those looking for work or employers looking for quality employees. The Center also advises on how to conduct a successful job-search in the United States, which is often a daunting task for many newcomers.
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