J1 Student Program

Welcome J1 Students

Download the 2015 Summer J1 Guide (.pdf)

Download the 2015 J1 Guidelines for Employers (.pdf)

Welcome to New York and The Emerald Isle Immigration Center!

We hope your stay will be safe and enjoyable. We have compiled this information booklet for your stay here in New York City. This has been compiled in response to the questions we are asked on a daily basis. If this is your first trip the enclosed package may be of some help to you.

Our package includes information on the J1 Program, accommodation, transportation, as well as many useful numbers and websites for you to use. Please note that the information included herein is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an exhaustive list, nor does inclusion in this package imply any type of endorsement of the services provided by the EIIC.

Please let this informational booklet be a useful guide for your stay. If you need more information, which is not currently contained in the attached, please feel free to call or drop into one of our centers nearest you.

Best of Luck and enjoy your stay!
The Emerald Isle Immigration Staff

At this time we especially seek job offers for the available J1 Student visitors who are fully entitled to legally work in USA for the 3 months of their visa. They are well educated and willing to work hard to pay their way through college back in Ireland.