Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals that offer childbirth prep, labor support and parenting WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17TH | 10:30 AM The online event will be streaming live on Birth Justice Defenders Facebook: @BirthJusticeDefenders Te-Ana Souffrant, Doula and CEO/Founder of The Arch App, … Continue reading

Birth Justice Defenders

Birth Justice Defenders are passionate about ensuring that everyone has a dignified and respectful birthing experience, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender identity, immigration status, income or type of health insurance. Their goal is to ensure that the … Continue reading

Volunteer Week 2020

It is National Volunteer Week!
This year, we cannot gather to celebrate the contributions & countless hours of our dedicated volunteers, but we are sending a BIG Thank You to all our volunteers for all their contributions and efforts not only in helping us fulfill our mission, but making such a positive impact in our community!
Thank you, Volunteers!

To find out more and support 9 million reasons who are helping provide food and supplies to New Yorkers in need visit their facebook page or you can donate to their gofundme.